Stella's passion for natural colored gemstones

Apr 13

The customary engagement ring in numerous nations is diamond. This is really a genuinely late improvement, going once more to colossal diamond finds in South Africa around 1870. There was such an extensive supply of diamonds that a significant publicizing crusade was mounted by the De Beers consortium to partner diamonds with affection and marriage. The battle took decades to succeed, however it in the end changed the way of life of marriage.

However there are a few signs that the diamond ring custom has started to debilitate, and that numerous couples mulling over marriage are considering choices. The explanations behind change are numerous, including troublesome financial times, the terrible exposure encompassing blood diamonds, and the apparent absence of singularity of diamonds. A few purchasers now comprehend that diamonds are not uncommon and that the costs are kept artifically high by the cartel that controls the supply and dispersion of diamonds.

Colored gemstones display an appealing option to diamonds for engagement rings due to the extensive scope of hues and the various styles, sizes and value focuses. VIPs have likewise help make shaded stone engagement rings a design pattern. The most renowned case was the blue sapphire and diamond ring that Prince Charles provided for Lady Diana Spencer upon their engagement in 1981. The same ring was utilized by Prince William for his engagement to Kate Middleton in 2011. Ruler Andrew, the more youthful sibling of Prince Charles, additionally gave his fiancee Sarah Ferguson an engagement ring with a shaded gemstone in 1986 – a pigeon’s blood ruby.

So far the jewelry business has not been exceptionally eager about showcasing hued gems for engagement rings. Retail jewelers are learned about diamonds, yet less acquainted with hued gems. Without a doubt the diamond business would want to keep up the norm. Numerous couples who need a shaded gemstone engagement ring wind up purchasing a hued stone from a specific gems merchant and afterward having it set by a jeweler in a configuration of their decision.

Not every sort of hued gemstone is suitable for an engagement ring which is worn consistently. The top decisions, taking into account hardness and sturdiness, are ruby and sapphire. Other suitable decisions incorporate spinel, tsavorite and spessartite garnet, aquamarine, alexandrite and chyrsoberyl. Some famous stones, for example, tanzanite are not by any stretch of the imagination hard to such a degree as to be worn consistently.

Top evaluation shaded gemstones can be found in an extensive variety of cuts and sizes. However excellent sapphires and particularly rubies can be truly costly in bigger sizes. In spite of the fact that rubies are constantly red (or pink-red), sapphires can be found in various hues, including blue, green, yellow and pink

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